Internship Opportunities

For information about internships for psychology credit visit the career services link below:

The following courses can be taken for credit towards a Psychology degree.

PSYCHOLOGY 3179. Cooperative Education

Prerequisites: PSYCH 1001 (400:001), additional coursework in Psychology recommended

GPA: 2.5

Required Work hours per credit: 50

Faculty Supervisors: C. Hildebrandt  for internships in Clinical Science, Social Services, Schools and Summer Camps; Adam Butler for internships in Industrial and Organizational settings;  L. Walsh for internships in all other areas.

Credit Type: Major Elective credit awarded for Psychology majors or University Elective for majors other than Psychology or for Psychology minors. All are awarded on Graded basis.

Notes: May be repeated once, with a maximum of 6 hours and 2 semesters in a single position. A maximum of 3 hours may be applied toward a Psychology major. The semester paper must relate the cooperative education experience to specific psychological theory or concepts, based on assigned readings or appropriate psychological references. Students enrolled in Cooperative Education during the regular school year will also make weekly work board. Registering for a second semester of Cooperative Education in Psychology requires negotiation of an appropriate second semester project with the supervisor.

PSYCHOLOGY 2701. Community Service/Experiential Learning

Students explore potential career options via volunteer opportunities at an approved location from 3-9 hours per week, after completing training required by the specific agency. Serves as a valuable hands-on learning experience. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours.

Prerequisite: PSYCH 1001; consent of instructor