Military Science Courses


BASIC COURSES: Open to ALL students for elective credit (NO military service required)

MS I Level Classes (Freshman)

Leadership and Personal Development-- 1hr.

Introduces students to the personal challenges and competencies that are critical for effective leadership in the military. Students learn how the personal development of life skills such as goal setting, time management, physical fitness, and stress management relate to leadership, officership, and the Army profession. Discussion, 1 hr./wk. (Offered Fall)

Introduction to Tactical Leadership -- 1hr.

Overviews leadership fundamentals for the military profession such as setting direction, problem-solving, listening, presenting briefs, providing feedback and using effective writing skills. Students explore dimensions of military leadership values, attributes, skills, and actions in the context of practical, hands-on, and interactive exercises. Discussion, 1 hr./wk. (Offered Spring)

MS II Level Classes (Sophomore)

Foundations of Tactical Leadership -- 2hrs.

Examines the challenges of leading in complex contemporary military operational environments. Dimensions of the cross-cultural challenges of military leadership in a constantly changing world are highlighted and applied to practical leadership tasks and situations. Discussion 2 hrs./wk., (Offered Fall)

Innovative Team Leadership (MIL SCI  -- 2 hrs.

Explores the dimensions of creative and innovative military leadership strategies and styles by studying historical case studies and engaging in interactive student exercises. Students practice aspects of personal motivation and team building in the context of planning, executing, and assessing team exercises. Discussion, 2 hrs./wk., (Offered Spring)

Military Science Leadership Practicum — 4-6 hrs.

A four-week summer program at Fort Knox, Kentucky, designed to provide leadership experiences to sophomores. This Practicum is designed for students who are interested in enrolling in the Advanced Courses but did not complete all of the Freshmen and Sophomore level classes. Successful completion will qualify students to enroll in the ROTC Advanced Course. Prerequisite(s): departmental approval. (Summer)

Additional Military Science Department Electives: Open to ALL students for elective credit (NO military service required)

Military Survival Skills-- 2 hrs.

Basic military survival principles are discussed in class and demonstrated during a Survival Weekend. Concepts taught are: shelter building, water and food gathering, land navigation, first aid, and rescue signaling. Discussion, 1 hr./wk. (Offered Fall and Spring)

Military Fitness Class -- 1 hr

This course is designed to use basic military training skills and instruction to develop confidence, leadership, and physical fitness. The team approach is utilized in the instruction and application of Army physical fitness requirements. Students will learn various Army physical fitness techniques as well as how to conduct physical fitness sessions. Full participation in all events will be determined based on students physical and medical eligibility.

Readings in Contemporary Military Issues-- 1-6 hrs.

Individualized list of selected readings in an area of emphasis. Prerequisite(s): departmental approval. (Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

ADVANCED COURSES: Professor of Military Science Approval for enrollment

MS III Level Classes (Junior)

Adaptive Tactical Leadership-- 3 hrs.

Challenges students to study, practice, and evaluate adaptive leadership skills as they are presented with challenging scenarios related to squad tactical operations. Students receive systematic and specific feedback on their leadership attributes and actions. Based on such feedback, as well as their own self-evaluations, cadets continue to develop their leadership and critical thinking abilities. Discussion, 3 hrs./wk.; lab, 1 hr./wk. Prerequisite(s): departmental approval. (Offered Fall)

Leadership in Changing Environments-- 3hrs.

Uses increasingly intense situational leadership challenges to build cadet awareness and skills in leading tactical operations up to platoon level. Students review aspects of combat, stability and support operations. They also conduct military briefings and develop proficiency in garrison operation orders. Discussion, 3 hrs./wk.; lab, 1 hr./wk. Prerequisite(s): departmental approval. (Offered Spring)

Leadership Practicum-- 4-6 hrs.

A five-week summer program at Fort Know, Kentucky, designed to provide leadership development and opportunities for students participating in the Advanced Course. Prerequisite(s): departmental approval. (Offered Summer)

MS IV Level Classes (Senior)

Developing Adaptive Leaders-- 3 hrs.

Develops student proficiency in planning, executing, and assessing complex operations, functioning as a member of a staff, and providing performance feedback to subordinates. Students assess risk, make ethical decisions, and lead fellow ROTC students. Lessons on military justice and personnel processes prepare cadets to make the transition to Army officers. Discussion, 3 hrs./wk.; lab, 1 hr./wk. Prerequisite(s): departmental approval. (Offered Fall)

Leadership in a Complex World-- 3hrs.

Explores the dynamics of leading in the complex situations of current military operations in the contemporary operating environment (COE). Students examine differences in customs and courtesies, military law, principles of war, and rules of engagement in the face of international terrorism. They also explore aspects of interacting with non-government organizations, civilians on the battlefield, and host national support. Discussion, 3 hrs./wk.; lab, 1 hr./wk. Prerequisite(s): departmental approval. (Offered Spring)