Minor in History


A Minor in History is a fantastic compliment to a variety of other degree programs, particularly Geography, Communications, Art History, Leisure, Youth and Human Services, Anthropology, and Sociology. 


The Minor in History is an incredibly flexible platform. Students can tailor the minor to their individual interests and needs. The minor requires 18 hours of history credits, 12 of which must be taken at the 4000 level. 

It is strongly recommended that students taking the Minor in History consider the following courses to begin their program:

  • HIST 1010 Introduction to the Study of History (3 hours)*
  • HIST 1011 Corequisite: Field Experience: Public History (1 hour)*
  • HISUS 1120 United States History since 1877 (3 hours)
The remaining five classes must be taken at the 4000 level and can be concentrated in:
  • European History (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern European History)
  • Non-Western History (Africa, Asia, Latin American, and the Middle East)
  • United States History
  • Public History (students can consider taking a Public History Certificate as part of their Minor in History)

For more information on specific courses offered by the Department of History, please see the Academic Catalog course descriptions