Poster Presentations

Session 1 (8:30 am - 9:45 am)
1 Rachel E. Meisinger ADHD-Related Impairment in College Students
4 Kathryn O. Ira Attitudes and Knowledge Concerning Concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
9 Jaime Kay Lansing Effects of Key Words on Reading Comprehension
11 Manuel Salinas Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and police attitudes: Relationship to political orientation and media usage
13 Justin P Simmons Gender and Driving Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
14 Salomi Aladia Gender Differences in Helping and Receiving Help across the United States and India
16 Justin P Simmons Gender Differences in Pay Negotiation
17 Marissa A. Quint Gender Differences in Pay Negotiations During a One-Year Performance Review
19 Manuela E Faulhaber Iowa Media Literacy Program - Educating Children about Advertisements
20 Tiffany M. Anderson Juror Misperceptions of Eyewitness Evidence: Impact on Expert Testimony and Credibility
21 Kristin A. Broussard Liberals’ and Conservatives’ Perceptions of Warmth-Competence and Threat for Immigrant Groups
23 Micah, Webb K Panther Open House Survey
24 Michael A. Pohle Political Orientation and Prejudice Toward Arab and Muslim Men
26 Nina Singh Privilege/Life Skills
31 Brooke, Hollenberg, D Sex Differences in Salivary DHEA, Cortisol, and Testosterone
36 Victoria Linnerson The Integrated Model of Racism and Guilt Judgments of Suspects with Different Ethnicities
37 Dacia K. Oberhelman The relationship between religiosity and substance use stigmatization: the mediating role of contact and familiarity
38 Stephanie Strong Trait driving anger and history of aggressive driving: The moderating role of social dominance orientation
39 Matthew Kessler J Understanding Mental Health Stigma: Effects of Race and Criminal Activity
41 Olivia, Rigdon, A Watch Your Nutrition: The Freshman 15 is Not the Only Concern
Session 2 (12:00 pm - 1:15 pm)
2 Kara Poppe Applying a biopsychosocial perspective to address hand washing behaviors among young learners in Limpopo, South Africa
3 Kellsey, Forest, R Associations between romantic relationship attachment and sleep patterns: The role of alcohol and media usage
5 Stacie, Johnson, L Bedroom Video Games and Social Functioning in College
6 Melissa E. Mormann Border Crossings of the Heart - Navigating the Transition from Minority to Majority Cultures: A Pilot Study of Young Hearing Adults of Deaf Parents and Young Heterosexual Adults of Gay/Lesbian Parents
7 Dacia Oberhelman Correlates of Sleep Quantity and Quality
8 Olivia N. Berch Disney Movie Consumption and Unrealistic Romantic Expectations
10 Taylor R Baumgartner Effects of self-confabulated misinformation on eyewitness memory
12 Kristin A. Broussard Factors Related to Low Birth Weight in Teenage Mothers
15 Kaisee Wiesmueller Gender Differences in Parental Attitudes Towards Traumatic Brain Injuries in Youth Athletes
18 Nathan Davis Gender Differences in Pay Negotiations During the Initial Offer of Hire
22 Ashley M Beaird Pain or Gain? A Spatial Analysis of Rural and Urban Energy Expenditures
25 Larissa Hall Priming State Instability: A Pilot Study
27 James Roethler Race, Threat, and Criminality: Implications for Decision to Shoot
28 Victoria Linnerson Resilience and Stereotype Threat: An Examination of Math Performance and Self-Efficacy in Men and Women
29 Emily Wetherell Right Wing Authoritarianism and Aggressive Driving
30 Melanie Boysen Right Wing Authoritarianism and Prejudices Influence on Driving Behaviors
32 Stephanie Strong Substance use stigma of marijuana users: Does contact with marijuana users predict stigma?
33 Jessica Scherbring The Effect of Inversion on Biological Motion Perception Tasks
34 Seth A Behrends The Effects of Divorce on Lifestyle and Personal Relationships
35 Simmons Justin The Impact of Map Quality and Expert Testimony on Juror Decisions
40 Matthew Kessler J Variations in using motion and form information in biological motion perception across tasks and facing