Poster Presentations

Session 2 (12:00 pm - 1:15 pm)
1 Michael Creech Associations between sleep patterns, work habits, and health outcomes for college students
8 Paden Goldsmith Cross-race and Cross-Party: A Test of the Cross-Race Effect with Respect to Political Orientation
9 Carissa Constantinou Cultural sensitivity as a predictor of occupational success in Greece
10 Kristin A. Broussard Developing a Logic Model for a Community STEM Web Portal
12 Carol Tweten Do They Tweet What They Speak?: Twitter and the 2012 Election
15 Tsamchoe Dolma Does Weight Predict Health Behavior?
16 Alexandria S. McNamee Evaluating the Experience of First and Second Year Teachers from the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
17 Asha Ganesan Examining the commonalities between Anger-related Constructs: Driving Anger and Internet Hostility
18 Megan K. Britt Factors Influencing College Selection
20 Norma Garcia Tellez Hispanic Women and Their Perception of Anti-Aging: Buying the Foundation of Youth
22 Justin P. Simmons Influence of Instructions on Eyewitness Sketches
25 Xin Hong Monitoring and Predicting Land Use and Land Cover Change on Cedar River Watershed of Iowa for the Next 30 Years
26 Rachel E. Meisinger Outcome Evaluation of a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program In Iowa: Is There a Difference between Urban and Rural Youth?
27 Christina Nolte Parental Attitudes Toward Youth Involvement in Organized Sports
29 Alexia Farrell, M. Perception of Threat and Racial Prejudice: A Study of Five Ethnic Groups in Iowa
30 Asha Ganesan Perceptions of Research Ethics among Undergraduates, Faculty, and the Public
33 Cortney M. Gilson Sleep Patterns and Romantic Relationship Attachment: The Moderating Role of Coping and Affect
35 David Vilarino The ideal profile of Employment Counselors. A comparation between United States, European Union and Spain.
Session 1 (8:30 am - 9:45 am)
2 Matthew J Kessler Biological Motion: Form vs Motion in Sex and Emotion Identification
3 Whitney Cook Cam Mortality Salience Have an Impact on the Level of Aggressive and Risky Driving Behaviors?
4 Lindsey R. Schmidt Categorizing Responses on a Divergent Thinking Test: A Comparison Across Cultures on Flexibility Scoring Between Trained Scorers and Novices
5 Weiwei Mi Co-worker Reactions to Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Depending on Level of Self-Promotion
6 Kristin A. Broussard Consent form length and presentation affects study knowledge but not attitudes
7 Rebecca Louison Criterion-Related Validty of the Subscales of the Emotional Regulation During Test Taking Scale for Predicting Anxiety
11 Hannah Breitbach Disruption of methamphetamine-induced sensitization by an extraneous stimulus in male domestic fowl chicks.
13 Miranda J. Grissom Does Driving Self-Esteem and Mortality Salience Influence Aggressive Driving Behavior?
14 Naomi M. Skarsgard Does Trait Driving Anger and Mortality Salience Mediate Thought Confidence?
19 Lauren R. Stratton Gaps in Family Knowledge on Alzheimer's Disease
21 Naomi M. Skarsgard Implicit and Explicit Prejudice Towards Transsexual Women
23 Bethany Yanak Inhibition of drug-seeking behavior induced by methamphetamine CPP in female domestic fowl chicks.
24 Lauren Dotterweich Methamphetamine sensitization in male domestic fowl chicks.
28 Kayla E. Rohr Perception of Causality
31 Nicholas J. Caldwell Physical and Psychological Availability of Alcohol at Work and Alcohol Consumption by College Students
32 Brock Rozich Political Orientation and Prejudice toward Ethnic Men and Women
34 Ian M. Beatty The association between sleep and health outcomes: the moderating role of caffeine consumption
36 Alyssa K. Hamilton The Impact of Mortality Salience on Likelihood Judgements
37 Jaime R. Jackson The Medium IS the Message: How Interview/Resume Format Affects Ratings of Job Applicants
38 Rachel E. Meisinger The Relation Between Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and Self-Esteem, Impairment, and Physical Concerns in College Students
39 Olivia Berch Use of Smart Cycle® and Children’s Physical Activity and Cognitive Skills