Poster Presentations

Session 2 (10:00 am - 10:45 pm)
1 Marjorie A. Perkins Gender Differences in Combat-related and Military Sexual Assault-related PTSD
4 Brooke D. Hollenberg "College Students' Beliefs About Alcohol and Drinking at UNI Homecoming"
5 Jessica E Jones Academic demands, sleep quality, and stress in college students
6 Cara M Luchtefeld Associations between Romantic Relationship Attachment and Sleep Patterns: The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation
7 Abigail A Cobb Childhood Factors and Incarceration for African American Men: How Early Life Community Experience Influences Adult Outcomes
8 Nolan L. Edwards College Major and Stigma Levels toward Bipolar Disorder
9 Valerie E Busse Correlates of Treatment Preference on Involuntary Treatment in Bipolar Disorder
14 Sarah M Roe Effects of Bystander, Perpetrator, and Victim Gender on Helping Behavior in Domestic Violence Situations
17 Seth Behrends Friends in High Places: Drinkers' Perceptions of Gender, Sobriety, and Relationships with Nondrinkers
21 Megan C. Kennedy Impulsivity, ADHD, and Alcohol Use in College Students
24 Ashley Beaird Race and Environment: Exploring the Linkage Between State Minority Populations and Pollution.
27 Victoria Linnerson Same Crime, Different Punishments: Race-based Perceptions of Suspects’ Mental Illness
28 Athena May Leng Ng Sleep and Mental Health Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Neuroticism and Openness to Experience
30 Mindy N. Guajardo The Moderating Role of Attachment Patterns in the Relationship between Lifestyle Factors and Sleep Patterns
32 Jacey Gudenkauf The Relation between Impulsivity and Substance Use in College Students
33 Steven T Dreesman The Relationship between Romantic Relationship Attachment and Sleep Patterns: The Mediating Role of Stress Coping
34 Victoria R Gritton The “Big 5” Personality Traits and Stigma towards Bipolar Disorder
35 Jenna A. Gray To act or not to act: The relationship between ambivalent sexism, system justification, and collective action intent
36 Olivia Thompson Up Close and Personal: Examining the Role Race Plays in Public Perceptions of Law Enforcement
38 Karissa Fullerton Workload, work-school conflict, and stress in employed college students
Session 1 (9:00 am - 9:45 am)
2 Larissa Hall What Would Facebook Do? Cognitive Dissonance and Facebook Use
3 Emily A Gardner "'I don't have to rush this because there is no due date': Young Women, Crafting and Stress-Relief"
10 Bindhiya Jegatheesan Differences in Academic Outcomes of American and International Students
11 Jayce B Hovey Divine Intervention: Interaction Effects between One's Religiosity and Income in Relation to Happiness Levels
12 Lijing Ma Do Relational Standards Add to the Investment Model in Predicting Commitment in Romantic Relationships?
13 Nicole M. Collins Educational Outcomes Related to Having a Professor that Cares About You as a Person
15 Kem Lieth Facebook is watching you: Attitudes toward research use of social media data
16 Brendan R. Walters False Consensus and Pluralistic Ignorance in Opinions on Climate Change
18 Kim Yew, Ng Happiness and Sex
19 Olivia Rigdon Have you heard of STEM? The association between college major and awareness of STEM
20 Cassie C Evers How a Sense of Belonging in College Affects Academic Outcomes
22 Salomi Aladia Individual Differences in Helping and Receiving Help across the United States and India
23 Kathryn Ira Knowledge and Attitudes Concerning Concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.
25 Jasmine Hernandez Religion in Ms. Marvel: How college students interpret Islam in the life of Kamala Khan
26 Victoria Linnerson Resilient to the Threat: Moderators of Stereotype Threat and Women’s Math Performance
29 Jason M. Fly Some Evidence of Youthful Aging: Elevated Cortisol and the Association with DNA Damage
31 Emily Wetherell The Power of the Situation: Approach and Avoidance Tendencies in Romantic Relationships
37 Manuel Salinas Who’s Really More Afraid?: Political Ideology and Fear