Catalog 2010-2012

Writing in the Liberal Arts Core and the Disciplines

At UNI, students are expected to write in the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) and in each undergraduate major. The LAC writing experience fosters learning, develops thinking, and introduces students to understanding writing as a process integral to critical inquiry in academic, professional, and personal contexts. UNI is committed to helping students become competent writers in various areas and for various purposes. Each department sets the writing requirements for its majors; because writing needs vary across disciplines, the requirements and conventions vary across departments.

Students satisfy Northern Iowa's Liberal Arts Core writing requirement by completing one of three Liberal Arts Core writing courses: 620:005, College Writing and Research; 620:015, Craft of Academic Writing; or 620:034, Critical Writing About Literature. Comparable instruction and practice may be available for qualified students in writing-enhanced sections of other Liberal Arts Core courses. For students who do not meet the English admissions requirement, and for other students with limited writing experience, 620:002 College Writing Basics provides instruction and practice designed to prepare students for success in courses that satisfy the LAC Writing requirement.