Catalog 2010-2012

Withdrawal Refunds or Fee Reduction

The information below applies to students who withdraw completely from school during a semester or summer session. Dropping one or more classes does not constitute a withdrawal unless students drop all classes for which they are registered.

If credit is earned during the period of enrollment, there is no refund or reduction of academic fees. For any two- or three-week session, there is no refund or reduction of academic fees. Room and board refunds are made according to agreement set out in the Contract for Room and Board.

Academic fees for a student enrolled for a regular semester or summer session who withdraws from the university will be reduced by the percentage indicated in the table below, beginning with the date of formal withdrawal with the Office of the Registrar. The amount of reduction will vary from 90 to 25 percent. For summer sessions, reduction percentages are on a day-count basis. (Please see the Schedule of Classes for information pertaining to a particular semester or summer session.)

Fall/Spring Semester  
Percentage of Fee Reduction Withdrawal during specified weeks
100 before classes begin
90 first week
75 second week
50 third week
25 fourth week
0 after fourth week

Summer Session
Percentage of fee reduction Withdrawal on day Number - Withdrawal during specified class days
  8-week or longer sessions
6-week sessions 4-week sessions
100 before classes begin before classes begin before classes begin
90 1-3


75 4-6 3-4 3
50 7-8 5-6 4
25 9-10 7-8 5
0 11th day and beyond 9th day and beyond 6th day and beyond
No refund for two- or three-week sessions