Catalog 2010-2012

Student Costs and Student Fees

All fees and all policies governing the refund of fees are subject to change by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Current information on tuition, fees, and miscellaneous fees for a specific semester can be found at

Students are required to provide their own books.  Students may buy their texts from any source. A student organization operates a book exchange at the beginning of each semester. An estimated cost for books, as well as an estimate of other expenses to be considered in a student's personal budget, can be found at

Specific information on residence hall fees may be obtained from Department of Residence, Redeker Center or

Fee Payment and Billing. The university offers students the option of paying their tuition fees and residence hall room and board contracts in one payment at the time of billing or in three monthly installments. Each university electronic U-bill will give the student the option of paying the account balance at the time of billing or the minimum amount due (installment amount). A $20 administrative charge will be assessed one time per semester for the installment payment plan. Normally, three installment payments can be made for a regular semester depending on the date of registration.

Other fees for which students will be billed are parking permits, health center fees, athletic tickets, laboratory fees, university apartment rent, and miscellaneous fees which may occur. These are not included in the installment option.

The university does not mail paper bills to enrolled students or their parents. Instead, electronic U-bills are available through MyUNIverse at Monthly U-bills are generated the 10th of every month and payments are due approximately the 5th of the following month. For billing dates and payment due dates, refer to the Schedule of Classes for the appropriate session or visit the Web site at  It is the student's responsibility to check their U-bill account at least monthly and make required payments by the due date.

Note: Students electing to use the installment payment program are reminded that they will be placed under Restricted Enrollment status if payments are not made to the University Office of Business Operations by the date specified on the billing. A $25 restricted enrollment fee will be assessed for each billing which remains past due. Students placed on Restricted Enrollment status will not be permitted to pre-register or to receive academic records until this status has been lifted.

See page xxx for information on withdrawal refunds and fee reduction.