Catalog 2010-2012

Social Work

The Social Work major requires a minimum of 120 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements (pages xxx-xxx) and the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 120 hours. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics.



  Design, Textiles, Gerontology, & Family Studies: 31F:055 or Psychology: 400:120.....3 hours

  Social Work: 450:041; 450:042; 450:091; 450:144; 450:163; 450:164; 450:184*; 450:185; 450:192; 450:193 or 450:195; 450:196.....41 hours

  At least two of the following courses: 450:121, 450:142, 450:143, 450:171, 450:172, 450:173, 450:175, 450:193**,450:194***, 450:195**.....6 hours

  Social Work: 450:080


  Sociology: 980:080****.....3 hours

53 hours

*450:184 can also be taken for 4 additional credit hours on an elective basis.

**450:193 and 450:195 may be taken for elective credit if not taken to fulfill core course requirements.

***450:194 may be repeated once with a different topic.

****980:080 may be substituted by 400:102 or 800:072. 800:072 may be used to satisfy Category 1C of the Liberal Arts.


A minimum cumulative grade point average for all college work of 2.40 and a 2.40 grade point average for all UNI courses taken is required for admission to the Social Work major. A minimum UNI grade point average of 2.40 is required for graduation as a Social Work major.

Prior to the initiation of the second Social Work Practice course, Social Work majors are required to complete a departmentally-approved, 30-contact-hour service experience in a social service agency.

In order to enroll in 450:184, a student must be a Social Work major and the following must be present: senior standing (90 or more credit hours); completion of 450:091 and 450:192 with a minimum grade of C in each course; 450:042; 450:164; 450:185; statistics course; and a minimum UNI grade point average of 2.40.

Students who graduate with a major in Social Work receive a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Social Work Certificate.