Catalog 2010-2012


Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study. Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) is required for admission to the program,  except those applicants applying to the Fifth Year program in Industrial-Organization.

In addition to meeting general university admission requirements, applicants are also required to submit the following for consideration: 1) a departmental application form; 2) three letters of recommendation, preferably from undergraduate psychology instructors; and 3) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores on the general test (advanced psychology test scores required only for those applicants who were not undergraduate psychology majors). Students from UNI applying for the Fifth Year I/O emphasis do not need to submit GRE scores.

The application deadline for fullest consideration for financial aid is February 1. Offers of admission will begin in February and continue on a rolling basis until all positions in the program are filled or until early May. Applications completed by April 30 will be reviewed and given consideration, but early application is strongly encouraged.

This major is available on the thesis option only and requires a minimum of 30-45 semester hours, depending on the emphasis chosen. A minimum of 15 semester hours of 200/6000-level course work is required.

The M.A. program in psychology consists of three emphases: 1) clinical science, for those who wish to pursue doctoral-level study in clinical or counseling psychology or to become master=s level providers of psychological services operating in clinical settings under appropriate supervision; 2) industrial-organizational emphasis, for students interested in pursuing either doctoral-level studies in industrial-organizational psychology or a career in human resources; and 3) social, for students wishing to pursue doctoral study in social and related areas of psychology or careers as master=s level data analysts or community college instructors.

Students may also choose an individualized study option in which they choose a program of study beyond the courses required for all students in conjunction with a faculty advisor and the graduate coordinator.

The program maintains a strong empirical, research-based orientation and seeks to: a) provide students with opportunities to develop skills in research methodology; b) gain advanced knowledge of major areas of scientific psychology; and c) obtain basic competence in skills relevant to these areas. All students are required to complete a thesis for successful completion of this program. It is expected that students in the two-year program will, except under extraordinary circumstances, have a thesis proposal approved by their advisor by the beginning of their second year of study. The program is set up so it should be completed in two full academic years and two summers. Students are strongly encouraged to finish within this time frame.

The Industrial-Organizational emphasis also includes a Fifth Year Option, available to students with a bachelor=s degree and I-O certificate from UNI. This program is designed to be finished in one year. Undergraduate seniors may register for up to six credit hours of graduate credit with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator and Department Head.  See policies and procedures on page xxx. Graduate work completed as an undergraduate will be counted as graduate credit only if the student earns the bachelor=s degree within nine months of completing the course work. Graduate credits completed as an undergraduate only count towards the I-O emphasis master=s degree at UNI, and completing those credits does not guarantee admission to the program. Actual admission to graduate study and classification as a graduate student commences the term after the student has completed the baccalaureate.


Required for all students:

  Psychology: 400:239.....3 hours

  Readings: 400:285.....2 hours

  Thesis Research: 400:299.....6 hours

Emphasis requirements (as listed below).....19-34 hours

30-45 hours


Clinical Science Emphasis (44 hours):


  Psychology: 400:225; 400:241; 400:244; 400:246; 400:249; 400:262; 400:270; 400:272.....20 hours

  Clinical Practicum: 400:290.....4 hours

Electives in Psychology:.....9 hours

  (determined in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator)


Industrial-Organizational Emphasis (39 hours):


  Psychology: 400:149; 400:157; 400:158; 400:210; 400:232; 400:234; 400:237; 400:264.....23 hours

  Practicum in I/O Psychology: 400:291.....2 hours

Electives in Psychology:.....3 hours

  (determined in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator)


Industrial-Organizational 5th Year Emphasis (30 hours):


  Psychology: 400:149; 400:210; 400:232; 400:234; 400:237; 400:264.....17 hours

  Practicum in I/O Psychology: 400:291.....2 hours


Social Psychology Emphasis (45 hours):


  Psychology: 400:149; 400:162; 400:218; 400:220; 400:241; 400:261; 400:264.....21 hours

  Psychology: 400:293.....6 hours

  Psychology: 400:294 (1 hr. each of 4 semesters for a total of 4 hrs.).....4 hours

Electives in Psychology:.....3 hours

  (determined in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator)


Individualized Study Emphasis (33-45 hours)

Hours determined in consultation with the faculty advisor and Graduate Coordinator.