Catalog 2010-2012

Policy on Make-up Work and Missed Classes

It is the expressed focus of the University of Northern Iowa to further the educational development of each of its students.  On occasion events will necessitate a student=s absence from class.  In order for both faculty and students to effectively plan for these absences, the following procedures are recommended.

  1. All parties involved should be made aware of scheduled absences well ahead of the date(s) of absence.  In the case of extra-curricular activities, a semester-long schedule should be prepared and distributed at the beginning of the semester.  In instances where semester-long schedules are not feasible, two weeks written notification shall be given for all absences.  This notification shall take place even if the absence is potential rather than definite.  Assuming that appropriate notification has been provided, students and faculty shall mutually agree as to how assignments, lectures, exams, etc. shall be made up.  The type and extent of make-up work shall be at the discretion of the faculty member.
  2. Occasionally there will occur situations where two weeks notice is impossible.  On these occasions, students, faculty, and others concerned should work closely together to ascertain whether special arrangements can and/or should be made.
  3. Faculty shall not penalize a student for missing a class or exam for an educationally-appropriate activity, including university sponsored or sanctioned events.
  4. Where situations of irreconcilable disagreement occur which are not resolved at the department level, a panel comprised of the Vice President for Academic affairs, or that officer's designee, the Department Head of the academic department involved, and a representative of the extra-curricular program (where applicable) shall meet at their earliest convenience with the faculty member and the student to mediate the matter.

(Approved by the President's Cabinet April 23, 2001. Approved by Faculty Senate April 24, 2001.)