Catalog 2010-2012


Note: To graduate with a B.S. degree in Physics or Applied Physics, a student must earn an overall grade point average of at least 2.50 in all courses applied toward the major.

The B.S. Physics major requires a minimum of 126 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements (pages xxx-xxx) and the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 126 hours. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics.



  Mathematics: 800:060; 800:061; 800:062; 800:076; 800:149.....18 hours

  Chemistry and Biochemistry: 860:044 and 860:048, or 860:070.....5-8 hours

  Computer Science: 810:036.....3 hours

  Physics: 880:130; 880:131; 880:132; 880:136; 880:137; 880:138; 880:150; 880:166; 880:167; 880:172; 880:180 (2 hrs.); 880:187.....39 hours


  Physics: 100-level^ (may include 870:130).....3 hours

68-71 hours


^See page xxx for 4-digit numbers associated with these 100-level courses.