Catalog 2010-2012

Open Credit System

This type of undergraduate credit is designed for special projects such as a paper, experiment, work of art, or portfolio assessment of prior learning. The experience upon which the project is based may have been completed at any previous time; however, the student must be registered for credit at this university during the semester open credit is requested and open credit will be recorded only after the student has satisfactorily completed 12 hours of credit at this institution.

A project may be submitted any time during the semester up to the last date to add a second half-semester course for credit. There is no guarantee of credit prior to or upon submittal of the project. The project is submitted to an ad hoc faculty committee of three faculty members recommended by the student and approved by the head of the academic department or discipline in which the project falls; two faculty members are chosen from the academic area or discipline of the project and one from any area. The student may not submit a project evaluated by one committee to a second committee for reevaluation. The student may resubmit a project to the original committee at the committee's discretion or with its encouragement.

The number of open credit hours assigned to a project will reflect the academic evaluation of the project; credit will be awarded for work judged to be of at least C-level quality. No letter grades are given. The range of credit is from 0-6 hours per project. A student may apply a maximum of 18 hours of open credit toward graduation requirements. Open credit is normally elective but, upon the recommendation of the ad hoc committee, it may be approved for requirements in the Liberal Arts Core with the approval of the Office of Academic Affairs or for major credit with departmental approval.

Students should contact the Special Programs Office or the appropriate departmental office for advice in submitting projects. Application forms may be secured from the Office of the Registrar.