Catalog 2010-2012

Military Science

General-The Department of Military Science administers the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program at the University of Northern Iowa. Credits earned in the department count as general elective credits toward baccalaureate degree requirements or a minor in Military Science. All instructors in the department are career U.S. Army Officers. The course of instruction is designed to be a four-year program. Students with prior military experience may be allowed to complete the program in two years. Students who desire to receive a commission as an officer in the U.S. Army will be required to contract with the Department of the Army during the final two years of the course. They will receive $9,500 per year stipend for two years and will incur a service obligation upon graduation.

The Four-Year Program-The ROTC program is divided into two parts: the Basic Course and the Advanced Course each lasting two years. Students may be allowed to waive the Basic Course requirements with department head approval.


  Basic Course: 080:091; 080:092; 080:093; 080:094.....6 hours

  Advanced Course: 080:116; 080:117; 080:118; 080:119.....12 hours

Electives.....15 hours

  3 hours selected from each of the following fields:

    Written Communication, Human Behavior, Military History, Computer Literacy, Math Reasoning. (Liberal Arts Core courses taken in these areas are accepted as meeting the
    elective credit requirements.)

33 hours


For a student to receive a commission, s(he) must receive credit for the Basic Course and is required to take the Advanced Course. A Military Science minor is offered and consists of the following requirements:


  Military Science: 080:091*; 080:092*; 080:093*; 080:094*; 080:116; 080:117; 080:118; 080:119.....18 hours

Electives.....21 hours

  Minimum of 3 hours selected from each of the following fields:

    Human Behavior, Military History, Computer Literacy, Management, Security Studies.

39 hours

* Requirement may be waived by the Department Head.


The Simultaneous Membership Program. The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) allows contracted cadets to be members of the Iowa National Guard or the Army Reserve and Army ROTC simultaneously.


ROTC SMP cadets are paid at the rate of a Sergeant (E-5) for their one weekend a month training assemblies, plus up to $2871 a year in New G.I. Bill educational assistance benefits and a $350 kicker if qualified. Many ROTC SMP cadets also qualify for the Student Loan Repayment Program or tuition assistance.


ROTC Scholarships. U.S. Army ROTC two-, three-, and four-year scholarships are available. They cover all tuition and required educational fees at UNI, and provide $600 per semester for textbooks, supplies, and equipment.

Army ROTC scholarships also provide a subsistence allowance of up to $5,400 for each school year that the scholarship is in effect. Winning and accepting an ROTC scholarship does not preclude accepting other scholarships. See page xxx of this bulletin for more information about U.S. Army ROTC scholarships.


G.I. Bill. Students participating in the Simultaneous Membership Program are entitled to the New G.I. Bill educational assistance benefits. Receiving the New G.I. Bill educational assistance benefits does not preclude a student from accepting an ROTC scholarship for the same period. Many students receiving the New G.I. Bill also qualify for the Student Loan Repayment Program.


Veterans. Veterans receive advanced placement credit for the entire Basic Course. Veterans receive an ROTC allowance in addition to their G.I. Bill benefits.


Special Schools. Both Basic and Advanced Course students can volunteer to attend special military schools such as Airborne School, Northern Warfare Training, or Air Assault Training.


Financial Assistance. As a minimum, all Advanced Course ROTC students receive $450-500 per month for each month of school (for up to 10 months per year) as a tax-free allowance. Students on scholarship, participating in the Simultaneous Membership Program, and veterans, will earn additional compensations as enumerated above. Students attending special training, such as The Military Leadership Practicum, receive a travel allowance and are paid while receiving the training. Uniforms and books for all classes taught by the Military Science Department are furnished, and a tax-free uniform allowance is provided to all students who complete the Advanced Course.


Additional Information. Additional information about the specific courses offered by the Department of Military Science is found on page xxx of this bulletin, under Military Science. For additional information, write to the University of Northern Iowa, Department of Military Science, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0142; come in person to West Gym 203, UNI campus; or call the student advisor at 319-273-6337. Please visit our Web site at