Catalog 2010-2012

Mathematics for the Middle Grades (4-8)

This major is intended for teachers interested in mathematics for the middle grades (4-8) and for mathematics specialists and supervisors. Teacher licensure is a prerequisite for completing the program approval process for this major. Normally, candidates will have at least 2 years teaching experience.

 Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study and should contact the Department of Mathematics for any other admission requirements. Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) is not required for admission to the program.

This major is available on the non-thesis option only; a minimum of 32 hours is required. A minimum of 15 hours of 200/6000-level course work is required.



  Mathematics: 800:191; 800:211; 800:213; 800:214; 800:215; 800:220; 800:221; 800:222; 800:236; 800:237; 800:238; 800:289 Seminar in Implementing Change in   Teaching Mathematics I; 800:289 Seminar in Implementing Change in Teaching Mathematics II; 800:289 .....29 hours

Electives as approved by the department .....3 hours

.....32 hours