Catalog 2010-2012

Master of Business Administration Degree Program

Graduate study in business at UNI provides a broad-based, integrated program which emphasizes the functional areas of business in order to provide the graduate with a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical business operations. The M.B.A. curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students with undergraduate backgrounds in the liberal arts, sciences, engineering, as well as those with degrees in business. The M.B.A. program is accredited by AACSB International, the primary accrediting organization on management education.

The plan of study prescribed for the degree is structured to develop graduates who will have acquired: 1) an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the process of policy formulation and implementation; 2) a comprehension of environmental factors-economic, legal, social, and political-which affect the individual in the performance of managerial responsibilities; 3) an understanding of analytical techniques and the use of quantitative data in the administration of business controls; 4) the ability to communicate ideas effectively in oral and written form; and 5) a basic knowledge of selected functional areas of business administration.

Admission to the Master of Business Administration program is dependent upon the quality of the applicant's undergraduate record, the score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), and writing skills demonstrated on the addendum to the application. The GMAT must be taken prior to acceptance into the program.

This program is designed to qualify men and women for creative leadership in business. This program is available on the non-thesis option only. Students who enter the program with the undergraduate requirements of a baccalaureate degree in one of the areas of business will normally require 31 semester hours to complete the program; those who enter the program with an undergraduate degree in an area other than business will be required to complete some pre-MBA courses in business or show that they have completed equivalent courses in previous academic work. A minimum of 12 hours of 200/6000-level course work is required. Candidates for the degree are also required to successfully complete and pass a business capstone experience at the end of their program of study. The result of this experience is reported in a paper and filed in the M.B.A. office.

Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study.  Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

Detailed information for the M.B.A. may be obtained from the College of Business Administration, UNI or on the M.B.A. Web site


Accounting: 120:262 .....3 hours

Marketing: 130:263 .....3 hours

Management: 150:249; 150:250; 150:262; 150:272; 150:274; 150:276 .....16 hours

Finance: 160:266 .....3 hours

Economics: 920:260 .....3 hours

Topics: 3 hours from the following .....3 hours

Accounting: 120:280.

Marketing: 130:280.

Management: 150:280.

Finance: 160:280.

31 hours