Catalog 2010-2012

Marks and Grade Points

The marks A, B, C, D, F (Failed), and I (Incomplete) are used in indicating quality of work. Courses dropped during the first one-eighth of the semester or summer session are not recorded on the student's record. Courses dropped during the second- through fourth-eighth of the term are indicated on the student's record by W (Withdrawn). For courses dropped during the final one-half of the term (the specific date of the last day to drop a course without an F is listed in the Schedule of Classes for each semester), F (Failure) shall be reported unless for unusual circumstances specific permission is given to report otherwise.

The time for dropping classes in the summer session is proportionately shorter than in the regular semester. Date deadlines for dropping or adding courses are given in the Schedule of Classes for each semester and the summer session.

Grade points are awarded as follows: For each hour of credit marked A, 4.00 grade points; A-, 3.67; B+, 3.33; B, 3.00 grade points; B-, 2.67; C+, 2.33; C, 2.00 grade points; C-, l.67; D+, l.33; D, l.00 grade point; D-, 0.67; F, 0.00 grade points.

Grade Index - In determining a student's cumulative grade index, all course work attempted at this university shall be used as the basis of computation with the following exceptions for students enrolled as undergraduates. If a student repeats successfully a course s(he) has previously failed, only the grade received for the successful completion will be included in figuring the cumulative grade point. If a student repeats a course s(he) has successfully completed, the grade received the last time the student takes the course will be used in figuring the grade index even though the last grade may be lower than the grade received previously. The student's transcript of record will show every time the course is taken and the grade earned. Post-baccalaureate students as undergraduates enrolled for work to meet requirements for certification as elementary or secondary teachers are given the same grade index advantage as is given undergraduate students for courses repeated. This applies only to those courses required for certification. If a graduate student repeats a course, both grades count in computing the index.

Failed Courses - A course taken in an on-campus setting, which was failed, may be repeated but must also be taken in a like on-campus setting. A UNI course which was failed may be repeated at another accredited college or university as long as the course has been determined and approved to be an equivalent to the original course. A course that has been failed may not be repeated by correspondence (specified as Guided Independent Study at UNI), nor may credit be established by examination for a course which has been taken previously and failed. A correspondence/UNI Guided Independent Study course which has been completed and failed may be repeated through correspondence/UNI Guided Independent Study.