Catalog 2010-2012

Marketing Research and Consulting

Liberal Arts Core courses included in program certificate requirements are distinguished by italics.


  Marketing Research: 130:108*.....3 hours

  Marketing: 12 semester hours of Professional Development Training as a Program Associate with Strategic Marketing Services. Credits must be gained through any combination
  (maximum of 6 credit hours per semester) of the following marketing courses: 130:169; 130:179; 130:186.....12 hours

Electives: one of the following.....3 hours

  Marketing: 130:106, 130:142, 130:177, 130:178, 130:191.

18 hours


*130:108 has prerequisites of 920:024 or 920:053, 130:101, 150:080, 800:072, 920:020, and 920:070. Taking 800:072 will satisfy Category 1C of the Liberal Arts Core. Non-business majors who take 920:024 or both 920:053 and 920:054 will satisfy the requirements for Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core.


For more information on this certificate, students should contact the Director of Strategic Marketing Services, CBB 5, and the Marketing Department, CBB 338.