Catalog 2010-2012

Leadership Studies

Liberal Arts Core courses included in minor program requirements are distinguished by italics.

The Leadership Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that educates students about and for leadership in a democratic society. The minor provides an overview of diverse leadership theories, concepts, and issues; assessment of leadership styles and abilities; and practical experiences tailored to the students' abilities. It is open to any student; prior experience in leadership activities is not required.

Admission requires a cumulative GPA of 2.50 (or permission of director) and completion of one semester of college work (UNI or transfer).

Students who are pursuing the Leadership Studies minor or the Certificate in Leadership Foundations must have an overall GPA in the core courses, including the internship, of 2.50 with no lower than a C in any one course.


Leadership core courses: 680:010; 680:110; 680:188 .....7 hours

Leadership internship: 680:169 .....2-3 hours

Electives .....9 hours

A.  Diversity - one course from approved list of courses on diversity.

Psychology: 400:060.

Social Work: 450:045.

Communication: 48C:151, 48C:153.

Humanities: 680:130.

Social Science: 900:020.

B. Ethics - one course from approved list of courses on ethics.

Communication: 48C:128/CAP:128.

World Religions: 640:171.

Philosophy: 650:142, 650:172, 650:173/CAP:173; 650:174; 650:175.

C. General Elective - one course from approved list.

Management: 150:100, 150:153.

Social Work: 450:102.

Communication: 48C:071, 48C:121, 48C:141, 48C:144, 48C:151, 48C:153, 48C:173.

English Language and Literature: 620:104.

Humanities: 680:130.

Political Science: 940:189, 942:150, 942:151.

History: 961:144, 961:150.

Note: 48C:151, 48C:153, and 680:130 may count as either diversity elective or general elective for the minor.

Students may petition Director for Leadership Studies for a course not on the elective lists.

18-19 hours