Catalog 2010-2012

International Peace and Security

The Certificate in International Peace and Security is designed to provide a specialized and in-depth knowledge of theories, concepts and evidence about issues of conflict and peace in world politics. Students will develop analytical and practical skills on matters of diplomacy and conflict resolution, coupled with a breadth of understanding about contemporary issues, about the different types and forms of international violence that exist, as well as the causes of and solutions to such conflict.

This certificate complements UNI's Center for International Peace and Security Studies (CIPSS), and is meant to foster interdisciplinary study. If your career goals are in foreign service, public or private sector conflict mediation, international business and risk assessment, homeland security or military service, this certificate program will be an invaluable benefit to your education. Any student seeking advanced study in international security, or who wishes to foster peace and understand war, is eligible and will find this intensive program rewarding.



  International Relations core: 943:024; 943:120.....6 hours

Electives (choose minimum 9 hours from the following).....9 hours

  Communication: 48C:151.

  International Relations: 943:127, 943:129, 943:143, 943:145.

  Comparative Politics: 944:121.

  History: 963:154, 963:157.

  Geography: 970:116.

  Sociology: 980:102.

15 hours