Catalog 2010-2012

International Business

The interdepartmental minor in International Business is available to College of Business Administration students majoring in Accounting, Business Teaching, Economics - Business Economics emphasis, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Real Estate. The purpose of the minor is to provide a plan of study that builds upon the knowledge gained through business core and business major courses with respect to issues associated with operating within the global economy.


World Affairs .....3 hours

Geography: 970:040 or

Political Science: 943:024

International Business core .....12 hours

Marketing: 130:161 or 130:177.

Management: 150:189.

Financial: 160:158 or 920:175.

Economics: 920:136 or 920:143.

International Experience .....0 hours

Business, Interdepartmental: 100:169**.

Electives (choose one of the following) .....2-3 hours

Business, Interdepartmental: 100:155/CAP:155*

Management: 150:161.

Political Science: 943:119, 943:143, 943:145.

Sociology: 980:167.

Criminology: 982:162.

Or any additional course listed within the international business core above.

17-18 hours

* Either of these courses fulfills the Liberal Arts Core Capstone requirement. Other global perspective Capstone courses may be approved, by student request, to fulfill the requirements of this elective.

** This 100:169 course requires the successful completion of an approved study abroad experience, or a departmental internship or cooperative education experience that includes a significant international component.  Department internships or cooperative education credits that meet the requirements of the international experience can, by student request, be used to fulfill the elective requirement.