Catalog 2010-2012

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The University of Northern Iowa makes available, in addition to traditional programs, the opportunity for students to earn program certificates. Program certificates provide an alternative to programs leading to a degree, a major, or a minor; they certify that an individual has completed a program approved by the university. For information on the following program certificates, contact the Department of Psychology or the Office of the Registrar, which serves as the centralized registry.


Industrial and Organizational Psychology Certificate

This certificate provides undergraduate students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in a professional human resources or consulting environment.


  Psychology: 400:025*; 400:157*; 400:158.....9 hours

Electives: two courses from the following.....6 hours

  Management: 150:119, 150:165*, 150:166*.

  Ethics in Business: 150:174/640:174/650:174.

  Psychology: 400:106*: 400:134*, 400:160*.

  Communication Studies: 48C:134*, 48C:135*.

15 hours


Choice of courses and subsequent course prerequisites may increase the length of this program.

*These courses have additional prerequisites as follows:

400:025, 400:106, 400:134, 400:157, and 400:160 have a prerequisite of 400:001, which may be used to satisfy Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core.

150:165 has prerequisites of 150:153; 800:072 or 800:094 or equivalent; and 920:070. Course 800:072 may be used to satisfy Category 1C of the Liberal Arts Core.

150:166 has a prerequisite of 150:153.

48C:134 has a prerequisite of 150:153 or 48C:132.

48C:135 has a prerequisite of 48C:132.