Catalog 2010-2012

Independent Study

Undergraduate students of outstanding ability and achievement may be permitted to earn credit by departmental independent study.

This method of study follows the pattern of an investigation undertaken by a graduate student, although in reduced form. It involves independent thinking, the drawing of conclusions, the summarizing of evidence, or creative work. Whenever possible, the result of the investigation is summarized in a scholarly paper or report, prepared and documented in an approved fashion. This report is filed in the department office.

Independent study should not involve work available through regular university courses; neither should it be confused with individual instruction, or the tutorial method. Individual instruction is provided on rare occasions for instruction in a university course not currently being offered.

Application for independent study, including an outline of the proposed project, should be made to the head of the department in which the study is to be done and must have this approval before the project is undertaken. The student's program of independent study will be under the immediate supervision of one or more faculty members. Except for the major in Individual Studies, not more than six hours of credit earned by independent study may be used to meet the requirements of a major.

Independent study may also be taken under the Individual Studies program.