Catalog 2010-2012

Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Students

An undergraduate student of senior standing (90 or more credits earned) at the time of registration, earning the first bachelors degree, and with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00, may register for a maximum of 12 credit hours for graduate credit.  Such registration requires approval on a student request form (available at or through department offices) by the student's advisor, the instructor of the course(s), and the head(s) of the department(s) offering the course(s).  Additional approval by the Graduate College on the student request form is required if the student=s GPA is below 3.00, or if the registration is occurring during advanced registration the semester before the student attains senior standing.

The combined total of course credits, both undergraduate and graduate, may not exceed 15 hours in a semester or 8 hours in a summer session.  Overload requests must be approved by the student's advisor and the Graduate College.

No course may count toward both an undergraduate and a graduate degree. Graduate credit earned as an undergraduate will not be counted toward the undergraduate degree and may or may not be counted toward UNI graduate degree programs at the discretion of the graduate program.  Some graduate programs have early admission procedures which the student must follow in order for the graduate credit to apply to the graduate degree.  The earliest graduate course that applies to a student's graduate program marks the beginning of the recency period for the completion of the degree.

Students earning graduate credit as a senior are classified as seniors but will pay graduate tuition for the semester hours for which they will receive graduate credit.  The maximum tuition will be the full‑time graduate rate for the student's residence classification.

Post-Baccalaureate, Undergraduate Study

A student who has received a bachelor's degree may choose to apply for further study at the University of Northern Iowa as an undergraduate rather than a graduate student. Inquiries should be made to the Office of the Registrar. Undergraduate status will be accorded students who seek:

  1. a second baccalaureate degree (designation as senior) or
  2. teacher licensure (designation as senior) - a student who does not hold a teaching certificate and expects to be recommended by this university for an original certificate must also file an official transcript, or
  3. courses for undergraduate credit (designation as unclassified)

Students with baccalaureate degrees do not earn graduate credit while remaining in  undergraduate classification. They must be admitted either to graduate Degree or Non-Degree Status before they can receive graduate credit for their course work (courses numbered 100g or 200/6000-level; see page xxx for 4-digit numbering for 100g-level courses).  Retroactive granting of graduate credit for course work taken while in post-baccalaureate, undergraduate status will not be done if, when the course work was taken, the student received financial aid dependent on undergraduate status.