Catalog 2010-2012

Final Examination Information

The final examination schedule applies both to faculty and students.  Unless previous arrangements have been made, it is expected that the official schedule in the semester Schedule of Classes will be followed.

A comprehensive final examination, if required, must be administered at the time indicated on the final schedule.  No final comprehensive examination shall be administered to a class within the last two weeks prior to the officially scheduled final examination period (excluding summer sessions or half-semester courses).  In the week prior to the beginning of the final examination period, unit tests, papers, projects, and other assignments are permissible if announced in the course outline/assignment sheet/syllabus or prior to midterm.

For those classes which do not, in the instructor's judgement, require a final comprehensive examination the time of the officially-scheduled final examination will be used for other appropriate class activities, such as evaluation, reports, performance, or regular class work.  Therefore, it is expected that the class will meet at the time of the officially-scheduled final examination, whether or not a final examination is administered.

The department heads shall have the responsibility for seeing that the final examination schedule and the relevant policies are followed.  Students may report policy violations to the appropriate department head, in accordance with the university academic grievance procedures.