Catalog 2010-2012


Liberal Arts Core courses included in minor program requirements are distinguished by italics.

The Ethics minor is intended to provide students of diverse major fields of study a way to focus and develop their interest in ethics both by offering them a core of courses essential to an understanding of the field of ethics and by advising them in the selection of courses that enable them to develop depth and detail in theoretical, professional and applied ethics.



  Study of Religion: 640:171.....3 hours

  Philosophy: 650:142.....3 hours

  One of the following.....3 hours

    Study of Religion: 640:024, 640:040.

    Philosophy: 650:021, 650:050.

  One of the following.....3 hours

    Philosophy or Study of Religion: 640:173/650:173/CAP:173, 640:174/650:174, 640:175/650:175.

    Philosophy: 650:245.

Electives: at least one of the following.....3 hours

15 hours


List of electives:

Management: 150:100.

Finance: 160:162.

Teaching: 280:170.

Psychology: 400:160.

Social Work: 450:194.

Communication: 48C:108, 48C:128/CAP128. 

Study of Religion: 640:115.

Philosophy: 650:105, 650:164, 650:172.

Philosophy or Study of Religion: 640:152/650:152, 640:194/650:194/CAP:194, 640:197/650:197.

Humanities: 680:130.

Political Science: 941:160, 941:161.

History: 961:122, 961:142, 963:161.