Catalog 2010-2012


The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is open to all majors.

The purpose of the program is to engage students in active participation in the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. They will do this through a combination of traditional course work specifically directed to entrepreneurial ventures and participation in an entrepreneurial enterprise experience through the development of a business plan for a new venture and an experiential project.

For more information, students should contact CBA Student Advising and Career Services, CBB 321B. To enroll in this program students must declare their intent on a Declaration of Curriculum form.  The form may be obtained in CBB 321B. Liberal Arts Core courses included in program certificate requirements are distinguished by italics.



Business Administration, Interdepartmental: 100:040*.....3 hours

Marketing: 130:101; 130:170; 130:175.....9 hours

Economics: 920:024**.....3 hours

15 hours


*Students may substitute 120:030, 120:031, 160:151, 800:072, and 920:070 for 100:040.

**920:053 and 920:054 will substitute for 920:024.