Catalog 2010-2012


The Economics major requires a minimum of 120 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements (pages xxx-xxx) and  the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 120 hours. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics.



Business Administration, Interdepartmental: 100:010; 100:020 .....0 hours

Economics: 920:053; 920:054; 920:103; 920:104; 920:169; 920:181.....18 hours

Mathematics: 800:072.....3 hours

Emphasis requirements (students choose only one area of emphasis).....18-42 hours

39-63 hours



General Economics (18 hours)

Electives: 100/2000/3000/4000-level economics courses.....18 hours


Quantitative Techniques (40 hours)


  Economics: 920:168.....3 hours

  Mathematics: 800:046800:060; 800:061; 800:062; 800:076; 800:140.....22 hours

Electives: 100/2000/3000/4000-level economics courses (except 920:177).....15 hours

40 hours


Business Economics (39 hours)

Students who select this emphasis must satisfy the College of Business Administration (CBA) admission requirements before they can officially declare their major. A copy of the Admission, Retention, and Graduation Policy may be obtained from the Student Advising and Career Services Office in the College of Business Administration or at Prior to completion of the admission requirements, students may sign an intent to major in Economics/Business Economics and be classified as a prospective (pre)major. Pre-Economics/Business Economics majors may enroll in lower division (below 100/2000/3000/4000-level) business courses only. Enrollment in upper division (100/2000/3000/4000-level) business courses requires satisfactory completion of the CBA admission requirements and any course prerequisites.

Economics/Business Economics majors may declare a double major, and/or major and minor within the College of Business Administration, subject to the regulations of those CBA departments affected. Economics/Business Economics majors minoring within the CBA must select minors designated for business majors.

To graduate with an Economics/Business Economics major from the College of Business Administration, a student must earn at least 50% of the business credit hours required for the major at UNI.  Students must take at least 50% of the course work required for the degree outside the College of Business Administration. Up to nine hours of economics (excluding 920:020), and six hours of statistics may be counted as outside the College of Business Administration. A student must also complete 920:053, 920:054, 920:103, and 920:104 with at least a C- in each course whether taken at UNI or an institution from which transfer credit for these courses is accepted; must earn a 2.20 cumulative grade point average at UNI; must earn an overall 2.20 grade point average in 120:xxx, 130:xxx, 150:xxx, 160:xxx, and 920:xxx courses taken at UNI; and earn a 2.50 or better, in all 920:xxx courses taken at UNI excluding 920:020, 920:024, 920:070, 920:177 and 920:179. Students given permission to graduate out-of-residence must earn a 2.20 or better in all courses approved and accepted for out-of-residence credit.

Required business core:

  Accounting: 120:030; 120:031.....6 hours

  Marketing: 130:101.....3 hours

  Management: 150:080; 150:100; 150:153; 150:154; 150:175.....15 hours

  Finance: 160:151.....3 hours

  Economics: 920:020; 920:070.....6 hours

Electives: 100/2000/3000/4000-level economics courses.....6 hours

39 hours


Applied Economic Analysis (42 hours)


  Accounting: 120:030; 120:031.....6 hours

  Management: 150:080.....3 hours

  Finance: 160:151; 160:152; and one of the following - 160:153, 160:161, 160:162.....9 hours

  Mathematics: 800:046; 800:060; 800:061.....12 hours

  Economics: 920:070; 920:113; 920:168.....9 hours

Electives: 100/2000/3000/4000-level economics courses.....3 hours

42 hours

Students successfully completing the requirements for a Mathematics major (any emphasis) may waive 920:070 and 920:168 in the Applied Economic Analysis emphasis.  However, Applied Economic Analysis majors who drop or fail to complete the Mathematics major for any reason will be required to take 920:070, 920:168, 800:060, and 800:061 before graduation.