Catalog 2010-2012

Department of Theatre

College of Humanities and Fine Arts



1. Students may indicate their interest in majoring in theatre any time after their admission to UNI. Formal indication of interest shall be made via the Declaration of Curriculum form at which time the student will be considered a Theatre Arts major and will be assigned an  advisor. (For freshmen, this shall be a freshman advisor.)

2. A student's freshman year shall be devoted primarily to course work in the Liberal Arts Core and Creativity and Performance (with lab), Stagecraft: Scenery/Lights or Stagecraft: Costumes, and Introduction to Reading Playscripts. Major course work will be limited to courses as recommended by her/his freshman advisor and program policy.

3. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 in order to be eligible to participate in productions after practicum course work requirements are completed.

4. Transfer students entering UNI with an associate arts (A.A.) degree will be admitted to major status if their cumulative GPA is 2.50 or better and upon the condition that the requirements of 48C:001 (Oral Communication) and 620:005/620:015/620:034 were satisfied at their junior/community colleges. Transfer students will take 490:010 (Creativity and Performance) and 490:011 (Creativity and Performance Lab) during their first semester at UNI as part of the transfer orientation process.

5. Transfer students entering UNI without an A.A. degree will be subject to the admissions standards requirements of students beginning their higher education studies at UNI, i.e. #1 and 2.


1. Admission to a Theatre minor requires a Declaration of Curriculum form and consultation with the department office.