Catalog 2010-2012

Department of Physics

College of Natural Sciences


*Plans are in progress to consolidate the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the College of Natural Sciences by June 30, 2011.


The Department of Physics offers major programs in two baccalaureate areas: the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts. The B.S. Physics major is recommended for students who wish to prepare for graduate study in physics, engineering, or other sciences such as geophysics, astronomy, biophysics, or medical physics.

The B.S. Applied Physics major is especially suitable for students seeking industrial or other applied employment after the B.S. degree. It could also serve as a background for graduate study in some applied science or engineering areas.

The B.A. Physics major is for students (including double majors) desiring a broad background in science or who are taking a substantial amount of work in other areas. With appropriate choice of electives the B.A. Physics major meets the needs of pre-medical and pre-law students and students planning careers in science-related administration, business, or technical writing.

The B.A. Physics Major Teaching is for students preparing to be physics teachers at the secondary school level.