Catalog 2010-2012

Department of Economics

College of Business Administration


Undergraduate Majors (B.A.)

1. To graduate with a major in Economics a student must:

  a. complete 920:053, 920:054, 920:103, and 920:104 with at least a C- in each course whether taken at UNI or at an institution from which transfer credit for these courses is
  accepted; and
  b. earn a 2.50 grade point average (GPA) for all 920:xxx courses taken at UNI, except 920:020, 920:024, 920:070, 920:177, and 920:179.

2. 920:020 counts toward an Economics major only in the Business Economics emphasis and does not count toward the minor.

3. 920:024 does not count toward the Economics major or minor.

4. 920:053 and 920:054 are minimum prerequisites for all 100/2000/3000/4000-level courses.

5. It is recommended that 920:103 and 920:104 be taken before other advanced courses in Economics.

6. Not more than one emphasis may be declared in economics.

The Economics Department may impose additional admission requirements for students wishing to declare a minor or a second CBA major. Eligibility to declare a minor or a second CBA major is based on competitive GPA and space availability. Students may obtain a copy of these requirements from the Student Advising and Career Services Office (CBB 321B) in the College of Business Administration.