Catalog 2010-2012

Department of Art

College of Humanities and Fine Arts


Undergraduate Majors (B.A.)

Undergraduate Majors (B.F.A.)


Graduate Majors (M.A.)

Major programs are offered by the Department of Art in two baccalaureate degree areas, the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. The Bachelor of Arts degree is a liberal arts program that provides the art major with three emphasis options: studio, art history, or art education (teaching). The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional program with an intensive studio emphasis.

No grade of less than C- shall satisfy any art major or minor degree requirement whether taken at UNI or transferred from another institution. For all studio courses in the Department of Art programs the ratio of student work hours to credit hours is 3:1. Therefore, additional work is required outside the regular class meeting times.

Courses in the Department of Art require specialized materials, some of which are provided through art lab fees.

Art courses which fulfill an Art major requirement cannot be used to fulfill Category 3A of the Liberal Arts Core.


Foundations Sequence

The Foundations Sequence is a one-year program required for all art majors and art minors. Introductory courses are offered that will provide an intense exploration of basic art concepts and skills as preparation for specialized and advanced areas of study.

Art majors take the 18 hours of introductory courses in the first year of study. The Foundations Sequence is prerequisite to all studio and art history courses. Generally, students enroll in Drawing I, 2-D Concepts, and Survey of Art History I during the first semester and Drawing II, 3-D Concepts, and Survey of Art History II the second semester.

The Foundations Sequence is a prerequisite for introductory level courses taken only by Art majors and minors.

Foundations Sequence for majors:

Art: 600:018; 600:019; 600:026; 600:027; 600:040; 600:041 .....18 hours

Foundations Sequence for Art Studio minors:

Art: 600:018; 600:026; 600:027; 600:040 or 600:041 .....12 hours

Foundations Sequence for Art History minors:

Art: 600:018; 600:026 or 600:027; 600:040; 600:041 .....12 hours


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program

A B.F.A. portfolio admission review is required of all students seeking admission to the B.F.A. degree program. To qualify for the review students must: 1) have a minimum cumulative GPA in Art of 3.00, and an overall cumulative GPA of 2.75, 2) complete the Foundations Sequence, 3) have completed or be completing in the semester of application 6 hours of studio distribution, 4) be enrolled in or have completed a second semester in the selected area of Studio Concentration  (students electing a drawing concentration must be enrolled in or have completed a third semester of drawing beyond Drawing II), 5) complete the B.F.A. Admission Application, and 6) submit a portfolio of art work for review. Students may reapply for admission to the B.F.A. program.