Catalog 2010-2012


Required activities:

  Physical Education: 420:A07 Beginning Ballet or 420:A52 Intermediate Ballet; 420:A13 Beginning Jazz or 420:A57 Intermediate Jazz; 420:A08 Beginning Ballroom Dance or
  420:A09 Intermediate Ballroom Dance; 420:A11 Beginning Modern Dance or 420:A12 Intermediate Modern Dance; 420:A10 Beginning International Folk Dance; 420:A64 Tap
  Dance; 420:013 Fundamentals of Dance (2 hrs.).....8 hours

Required theory: Physical Education: 420:024; 420:034.....6 hours

Electives in Dance: Physical Education: at least 4 hours must be from the following four courses - 420:131, 420:132, 420:135, 420:140; 420:168.....6 hours

Electives ..... 3 hours

  Selected to complement student's interest with the approval of the dance minor advisor from the following areas: Art; Communication Studies; Design, Textiles, Gerontology, &
  Family Studies; Health; Humanities; Instructional Technology; Music; Physical Education; Leisure, Youth and Human Services. Required courses from a student's major may not be

23 hours