Catalog 2010-2012


This major is offered on the thesis/recital option only, and requires a minimum of 36 semester hours. A minimum of 15 semester hours of 200/6000-level course work is required.



  Graduate Music Core:

    Music Theory: 580:210; 580:211.....6 hours

    Music History and Musicology: 590:222.....3 hours

    One course from the following - 590:110, 590:111, 590:112, 590:114, 590:115.....3 hours


    Music Organizations and Ensembles: 530:1/5xxx*.....4 hours

     (Only one hour of ensemble per semester will count toward degree requirements.)

    Applied Music: 540:221 or 540:222.....12 hours

    Performance Literature and Repertory: 595:131 or 595:140 or 595:142.....3 hours

    Recital: 540:288.....0 hours

    Music electives: as approved by advisor.....5 hours

36 hours


*Large ensemble placement will be determined by audition.


Additional requirements:

1. Two consecutive semesters (fall/spring) of residency with fulltime status (minimum of 9 graduate hours per semester).

2. Conducting recital.

3. Recital abstract.

4. Conducting document (research paper).

5. Score reading:

A. Choral Conducting Majors - Ability to read and perform at the keyboard (allowing some time for advance preparation) an SATB open score of medium difficulty (e.g., Palestrina motet).

B. Instrumental Conducting Majors - Ability to read and interpret a moderately complex instrumental score.

6. Students are required to enroll in applied music in their performance area during the semester that they present their required recital.