Catalog 2010-2012

Computer Science

This M.S. program is designed to foster preparation for applied professional careers in the computing sciences. The program emphasizes concentration in a professional sub-discipline, while at the same time providing enough breadth and theory to enable the graduate to adapt to developments in the discipline as a whole. Areas of concentration currently available include agent assisted interfaces, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, collaborative information systems, computer science education, computer systems, distributed computing, electronic commerce, human-computer interfaces, information storage and retrieval, network administration,  parallel environments and algorithms, real-time systems, recommender systems, and software engineering.

Students interested in this program must submit a completed Application for Admission to Graduate Study and should contact the Department of Computer Science for any other admission requirements.  Graduate information and application for graduate admission can be found at

The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) is required for admission to the program.

Bachelor's-level experience in computer science is suggested for program admission, but students from related disciplines who show outstanding promise are also encouraged to apply. Students without a bachelor's degree in computer science may be required to complete up to 14 hours of course work in the discipline before gaining full admission to the program.

This major is available on a thesis and non-thesis option. A minimum of 33 semester hours is required for completion of the M.S. program. Students who select the thesis option will be required to complete at least 6 hours of 810:299 thesis research. Students who select the non-thesis option must complete a 6-hour software development project. A minimum of 18 hours of 200/6000-level (or above) course work is required for both options. For both the thesis and non-thesis options, students must pass an oral defense of their final project.

Students in this program are exempt from general limitations on the number of hours of research credit. M.S. Computer Science programs of study may include 6 hours or more of 810:299 research credit. However, the number of hours greater than 6 hours must be in addition to the minimum 33 hours required for the degree.

Courses in the student's areas of concentration provide in-depth knowledge of a professional sub-discipline. These 15 hours consist of 9 hours within computer science (excluding both computer science education and research project credits) and 6 cognate hours from outside computer science. These hours must be approved by the Graduate Committee.  However, students who have a bachelor's degree in an area outside of Computer Science may take all 15 hours of their concentration-area hours within Computer Science.



  Computer Science: 810:240; 810:270; 810:280.....9 hours

  Concentration area:.....15 hours


      Thesis: 810:299 (6 hrs.)

      Non-Thesis: 810:299 (3 hrs.) and 810:286 (3 hrs. Studies in Computer Science project)

Electives.....9 hours

33 hours