Catalog 2010-2012

Communicative Disorders

The Communicative Disorders major requires a minimum of 120 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements (pages xxx-xxx) and the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 120 hours. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics.



  Communicative Disorders: 51C:006; 51C:106; 51C:107; 51C:111; 51C:114; 51C:125; 51C:127; 51C:151; 51C:152; 51C:155; 51C:162; 51C:164; 51C:175; 51C:177;
  51C:180.....37 hours

  Statistical Measurement: a 3-hour course in statistics selected with approval of the major academic advisor - either 250:180 or 800:072.....3 hours

Additional requirements:

  Students must select a minimum of 8 credit hours from Option 1 or Option 2.....8 hours

    Option 1. Pre-professional speech-language pathology:

      Communicative Disorders: 51C:129, 51C:155, 51C:166, 51C:168.

    Option 2. Pre-professional audiology:

      Psychology: 400:154, 400:155, 400:173.

      Health Promotion and Education: 410:125.

      Social Work: 450:143.

      Communicative Disorders: 51C:155, 51C:160, 51C:166, 51C:168, 51C:197.

48 hours


Students must have an overall GPA of 3.00 or consent of the department head to declare a major in Communicative Disorders. Declaration of the major must occur before enrollment in 51C:151 and all accompanying courses in that semester's sequence. Transfers into the major must have a GPA of 3.00 to be accepted into the program. An overall GPA of 3.00 must be maintained throughout the undergraduate program or approval to continue must be obtained from the department head. Students must complete 25 clock hours of supervised clinical observation prior to beginning 51C:155.

Students must receive a grade of C or better in the required core courses offered by the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and in the courses taken in either option, in order to receive credit toward the major. Students must repeat any major course (other than the course in statistics) for which they receive a C- or less. Any one course may be repeated once; a second failure to meet the required C grade will necessitate review and consultation with the student's advisor and the department head. If a student does not attain and maintain the grade point requirement of the department, the student's Declaration of Major will be revoked and the individual referred to the Office of the Registrar as an undeclared student. All majors and all provisional majors must obtain their advisor's signature before registering for, adding, or dropping classes.