Catalog 2010-2012

Communication - Theatre - Teaching

Liberal Arts Core courses included in minor program requirements are distinguished by italics.

The Communication - Theatre-Teaching minor is offered jointly by the Departments of Communication Studies and Theatre.



  Communication: 48C:001; 48C:004*; 48C:011*; 48C:024; 48C:074*; 48C:187.....18 hours

Option A or B (below).....10-12 hours

28-30 hours


Option A: Communication (10 hours)

  Communication: one hour from 48C:091/48C:191 or 48C:093/48C:193; 48C:015; 48C:071*.

  Theatre: 490:101 or 490:106/CAP:106 

Option B: Theatre (12 hours)

  Theatre: 490:015; 490:024; 490:138; (these three classes must be taken before 490:161); 490:161.

*LAC Category 1B may be satisfied by two courses distributed as follows: 48C:011 or 48C:071 or 48C:074; AND 48C:004 or 48C:031.