Catalog 2010-2012

Combined B.A./M.S. or B.S./M.S.-Technology

Students with majors in an Industrial Technology program, interested in the combined program should declare their intent by the end of the junior year (or have completed at least 90 semester hours). They should complete an Application for Admission to Graduate Study and the departmental application, as well as two professional references and have them submitted to the Graduate Coordinator before attempting to register. Application for graduate admission can be found at

Upon admittance to the combined B.A./M.S. or B.S./M.S. program, undergraduate students during their senior year may register for a maximum of 12 hours of graduate credit as a senior, with the approval of the student=s advisor, the instructor of the course(s), and the head(s) of the department(s) offering the course(s).  The admitted student may enroll and self-identify themselves with every instructor in the first two weeks of the semester in these 9 hours during the senior year, but before the baccalaureate degree is awarded. To be eligible for this exception to the undergraduate registration policies, the student must have earned at least 90 hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher at the time of registration.  When registering for the graduate courses, approvals must be obtained on the same student request, with the IT Graduate Coordinator serving as the advisor.  (See policies and procedures on page xxx and xxx.)  

Graduate work completed on the early admission basis will be counted as graduate credit only after the baccalaureate degree has been awarded and enrolled for graduate course work within one year of the awarding of the baccalaureate degree. Actual admission to graduate study and classification as a graduate student commences the term after the student has completed the baccalaureate.