Catalog 2010-2012

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The University of Northern Iowa is a participating university in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP examinations are administered regularly throughout the year. Persons interested in earning credit through CLEP should contact Examination Services for information and dates of the examinations.

The best advice for any student considering CLEP is to plan ahead. Students should take CLEP tests early in their college career to avoid taking a course that will duplicate CLEP credit, or a course that will disqualify them from receiving credit. Credit earned by CLEP is applied to requirements at UNI.

A list of courses for which CLEP examinations may be taken at UNI and minimum scores to earn credit is available from the Office of Admissions or Office of Examination Services. Students should expect their scores at the time of testing (except College Composition or College Composition Modular).

Any CLEP test may only be attempted once. For limitations on the total amount of credit earned by examination, including CLEP, which may be applied toward graduation degree requirements, see page xxx.

Credit established by CLEP at an institution participating in the Iowa Community Colleges/Regents' Universities Credit by Examination Agreement will be accepted in transfer at full value when terms of the agreement are met.

Students who have established credit by CLEP at a college or university other than an Iowa Regents' University or an Iowa area community college participating in the Iowa Credit by Examination Agreement, may submit official reports of their scores for consideration. Students whose scores meet UNI standards for awarding credit on the basis of CLEP will receive appropriate credit.

A student may not earn credit by examination in an area in which s(he) previously has attempted or completed an equivalent course, a course of similar level, or one that is more advanced in content level. A course in which a student was enrolled until such time that a W for a grade was earned is considered to be an attempted course.

Fee payment, registration procedures, and test date information are available by contacting Office of Examination Services, 007 Innovative Teaching and Technology Center, UNI, 319-273-6023 or at