Catalog 2010-2012


The Chemistry-Marketing major requires a minimum of 120 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements (pages xxx-xxx) and the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 120 hours. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics.

This program is an interdisciplinary major offered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the College of Business Administration, and is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is responsible for advising students enrolled in the major. Required for the major are 24-27 semester hours in chemistry and biochemistry and 24 hours of business for a total of 48-51 hours. See page xxx for complete details of the major program.



  Accounting: 120:030; 120:031.....6 hours

  Marketing*: 130:101; 130:106; 130:153; 130:161 or 130:178.....12 hours

  Management: 150:153.....3 hours

  Economics*: 920:024 or 920:053.....3 hours

  Chemistry and Biochemistry: 860:044 and 860:048, or 860:070; 860:110 or 860:154; 860:120; 860:121; 860:123; 860:132; 860:142.....24-27 hours

48-51 hours


Note: Students on this major are strongly encouraged to complete 130:108. Additional prerequisites for 130:108 are 150:080, 800:072, 920:020, and 920:070800:072 will satisfy Category 1C of the Liberal Arts Core.

*All listed marketing courses have either 920:024 or 920:053 as a prerequisite. Either 920:024 or both 920:053 and 920:054 will satisfy Category 5B of the Liberal Arts Core.