Catalog 2010-2012


The B.S. Chemistry major requires a minimum of 126 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements (pages xxx-xxx) and the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 126 hours. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics.

The Bachelor of Science Chemistry major is accredited by the American Chemical Society. This program is recommended for students who wish to prepare for careers as professional chemists. It also provides the most complete preparation for post-graduate study in the field of chemistry.



  Mathematics: 800:060; 800:061.....8 hours

  Chemistry and Biochemistry: 860:044 and 860:048, or 860:070; 860:110; 860:120; 860:121; 860:123; 860:132; 860:137; 860:140; 860:141; 860:143 (2 hrs.); 860:145;
  860:149; 860:154; 860:180 (2 hrs.).....44-47 hours

  Physics: 880:130 and 880:131; or 880:054 and 880:056 and one 100/3000/4000-level cognate elective of at least 3 hours.....8-11 hours

Elective: a chemistry lecture course carrying a physical chemistry prerequisite.....3 hours

63-69 hours



1. To satisfy American Chemical Society guidelines for certification of the Chemistry major, the two hours of 860:180 Undergraduate Research required for this program must be taken after completion of 860:140 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics; 860:141 Physical Chemistry: Kinetics, Quantum Mechanics, and Spectroscopy; or both 860:121 Organic Chemistry Laboratory and 860:132 Quantitative Analysis. In addition, completion of a final written report is required.

2. Students wishing to earn a non-certified Bachelor of Science degree may omit 860:145, 860:149, and 860:154, but must include three additional elective hours in chemistry at the 100/4000-level or higher.  Also, these students may satisfy the Physics requirement of the degree with 880:054 and 880:056 alone.

3. Elective courses should be chosen with the help of the major advisor.  This is particularly important for students wishing to earn a certified degree, to assure consistency with the certification guidelines of the American Chemical Society.  An appropriate advanced course in another science may be substituted with department head approval.


Emphasis-Honors Research

This emphasis is available to qualified students pursuing the Bachelor of Science program by invitation at the beginning of their junior year. Completion of Honors Research requires 5 credit hours in 860:180 Undergraduate Research (at least 2 hours of which must be taken after completion of 860:140 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics or 860:141 Physical Chemistry: Kinetics, Quantum Mechanics, and Spectroscopy) and the writing of a senior research thesis. The research credit may be applied to the elective hours of the B.S. degree.