Catalog 2010-2012

Certificate in Continuous Quality Improvement

The University of Northern Iowa makes available, in addition to traditional programs, the opportunity for students to earn program certificates. Program certificates provide an alternative to programs leading to a degree, a major, or a minor; they certify that an individual has completed a program approved by the university. For information on the following program certificate, contact the Department of Mathematics or the Office of the Registrar, which serves as the centralized registry.

Certificate in Continuous Quality Improvement

The Continuous Quality Improvement certificate provides academic course work that covers all of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) on which the American Society for Control (ASQ) Six Sigma Black Belt certification examination is based, as well as the overwhelming majority of the BOK on which the ASQ Quality Engineer certification examination is based. The course work requirements are a subset of those required in the Continuous Quality Improvement emphasis of the Professional Science Master=s Degree in Industrial Mathematics. The certificate is awarded on successful completion of the following courses:


  Mathematics: 800:121; 800:123; 800:157; 800:250; 800:272; 800:289 (Seminar in Lean and Six-Sigma Methods in Industry, 2 hrs.) .....17 hours

.....17 hours