Catalog 2010-2012

Business Communication

Liberal Arts Core courses included in minor program requirements are distinguished by italics.

The Business Communication minor is interdisciplinary in nature and offered jointly by the College of Humanities and Fine Arts* and the College of Business Administration. It is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Management and the Department of Communication Studies. The minor requires a 15-hour core plus 6 hours from one of three emphases.

*Plans are in progress to consolidate the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the College of Natural Sciences by June 30, 2011.

Required core:

  Communication: 48C:071***; 48C:132.....6 hours

  Journalism: 48J:007.....3 hours

  Management: 150:080 OR English Language and Literature: 620:077.....3 hours

  English Language and Literature: 620:102 or 620:104 or 620:105.....3 hours

Required: 6 hours from one of three emphases below......6 hours

21 hours




Management: 150:113; 150:114.



Two of the following: Communication: 48C:025, 48C:031***, 48C:141, 48C:148**.


Journalism and Public Relations:

Two of the following:

  Journalism: 48J:071**, 48J:172**, 48J:176**.

  Public Relations: 48P:173**, 48P:184.


**These courses have additional prerequisites as follows:

48C:148 has prerequisite of 48C:004.

48J:071 has prerequisite of 48J:002 and 48J:007.

48J:172 has prerequisite of 48J:071.

48J:176 has prerequisite of 48J:071 or 620:015 or consent of instructor.

48P:173 has prerequisite of 48J:007.

***LAC Category 1B may be satisfied by two courses distributed as follows:

48C:011 or 48C:071 or 48C:074; AND 48C:004 or 48C:031.


Note: When declaring this minor students must:

a) have a 2.70 cumulative GPA.

b) have satisfactorily completed Categories 1A and 1B of the Liberal Arts Core.


Available to all UNI majors.