Catalog 2010-2012


Liberal Arts Core courses included in minor program requirements are distinguished by italics.

The Biology Minor-Teaching provides for second endorsement approval by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners and requires first endorsement approval (major) in another science discipline or general science.



  Introductory track: 840:051; 840:052; 840:100*; 840:140*.....15 hours

  Chemistry and Biochemistry: 860:044 and 860:048**.....8 hours


    Science and Science Education: 820:190; 820:196.....5 hours

    Biology: 840:193.....3 hours

31 hours


*840:100 and 840:140 are not required as prerequisites for 100/3000-level courses.

**Students with excellent preparation in chemistry may substitute 860:070 plus 3 additional credit hours of biology electives for 860:044 and 860:048.