Catalog 2010-2012

Assessing Student Learning at UNI

UNI is committed to the assessment of student learning for purposes of the ongoing improvement of curriculum, programs, and services offered by the university and for accreditation processes.  Students, faculty, staff, and administrators all play a role in student learning and all benefit from the creation of useful and meaningful assessment strategies and information. 

Assessment activities at UNI are conducted by academic, administrative, and student affairs departments and units and may take the form of surveys, standardized tests, program evaluation forms, focus groups, student projects, student reflective activities, or any of a variety of other mechanisms.  Some assessment instruments are given to specific groups of students; others are given to students randomly selected from a group or groups of students.  Assessments may be administered both inside and outside of the classroom.  Some assessments may be voluntary; others may be required.

Assessment-related data are kept confidential for individual students and are released only in aggregate form.  Unless the assessment tool is also part of the assignments for a course, student performance in the assessment activity does not affect course grades or progress toward graduation.

Additional information about assessment policies and processes at UNI can be found on the Web site for the Office of Academic Assessment: Questions about assessment at UNI can be directed to the Office of Academic Assessment and the Office of Institutional Research.