Catalog 2010-2012

Aquatics Specialization

The purpose of this certificate is to develop and produce quality graduates who have the appropriate skills and certifications to obtain employment in the aquatic profession. Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to teach Lifeguarding, Water Safety, and be certified as a pool operator through national certifications.



  Physical Education: 420:011; 420:060; 420:061; 420:120.....7 hours

  Leisure, Youth and Human Services: 430:010; 430:110.....6 hours

Electives: 5 hours, as approved by advisor, selected from the following.....5 hours

  Physical Education: 420:A39 (Canoeing, 1 hr.), 420:A66 (Skin and Scuba Diving, 2 hrs.), 420:168 (1 hr.), 420:186 (Studies in Small Craft Safety/Water Rescue, 1 hr.), 420:186
  (Studies in Physical Education: Lifeguard Instructor Training, 1 hr.)

  Leisure, Youth and Human Services: 430:168 (3 hrs.)

  Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services, Interdepartmental: 440:186 (Studies in Legal Issues in Health, Physical Education, Leisure, Youth and Human Services, 3 hrs.)

18 hours