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2008-2010 Catalog of Courses

This University of Northern Iowa publication contains general information regarding fees, curricula, and related policies and procedures. Every effort has been made to make this information accurate as of the date of publication; however, all policies, procedures, fees and charges are subject to change at any time by appropriate action of the faculty, the university administration, or the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Certificate Requirements
Degree Requirements
Admissions Requirements
Enrollment and Registration Procedures
Fees and Financial Aid
The University and its Programs
University Facilities and Educational Services
Student Life
Fine and Performing Arts at UNI
Academic Structure
Departmental/Office Homepages

Board of Regents, State of Iowa

Faculty & Staff

This catalog is published for students and other persons who want to know more about the University of Northern Iowa. Its purpose is to communicate as objectively and completely as possible what the university is and what it does. The catalog is presented in sections to give a general view of the university as well as the detailed information required for informed decision making. Further information can be obtained on the university's homepage

Effective May 1, 2008