Department of Communication Studies

Signing Up for an E-Media Internship/Co-op


  1. Check your eligibility: Only juniors and seniors who are declared majors in Electronic Media, with a GPA of 2.7 or better, are eligible to do an internship or co-op.
  2. Consult with the Internship Coordinator about possible placement opportunities. Fill out an "Internship/Co-op Application" available in the Department Office, 326 Lang Hall. Remember that an internship (48E:197) is an unpaid placement for academic credit, while a cooperative education experience (48E:179) is a paid job opportunity for which you receive academic credit. BOTH co-ops and internships should be meaningful academic projects in which you can relate your prior course work to a work setting.
  3. Make contact with the job location about the internship/co-op. Plan ahead -- do this weeks in advance of the actual internship. If you have an existing job in the Electronic Media field, you may be able to use this as a co-operative education situation.


  1. Visit the Co-op Office and attend a co-op orientation meeting or view the orientation video. Then, take the "Cooperative Education Faculty Approval Form" to your faculty co-op supervisor (usually the E-Media coordinator) to obtain a signature. Next, obtain a "Co-op Field Experience Contract" from the Co-op Office staff. This form details your co-op proposal, and must be signed and approved by the faculty co-op supervisor and the Communication Studies Department head.


  1. Meet with the Internship Coordinator to discuss your internship duties. The coordinator will obtain a job description from your on-site intern supervisor that will list your duties for the internship.


  1. The internship coordinator or designate will register you for your internship (otherwise, there will be a "hold" when you try to register). NOTE: for a UNI E-Media summer internship/co-op experience, you must register for the Summer term.
  2. Turn in periodic time sheets to the Internship Coordinator. You must complete 50 hours of on-site activity for each credit hour earned. Thus, you need to work at least 150 hours at your internship/ co-op for 3 credits. This works out to be about 10 hours a week during a Fall or Spring term. You may earn up to 6 credit hours (300 activity hours) in a single internship/co-op experience.
  3. Your on-site co-op/internship supervisor will receive mid-term and final evaluations to fill out and return (via fax or mail) to the faculty supervisor.
  4. Before the semester ends, complete a 8-12 page paper analyzing your internship/co-op experience. Also, turn in audio, video, or written portfolio samples that represent your work. See faculty supervisor for complete details and get the "Internship/Co-op Report" hand-out regarding this final project. You must finish all requirements by the end of the term. Any incompletes must be approved in advance.
  5. ENJOY yourself at the internship/co-op experience. You are still learning, so don't be discouraged if you make a mistake. Ask many questions, and don't feel awkward if you don't know something. Still, be as professional as possible, and always be on time -- this experience may translate into job offers, or at least a valuable recommendation. If you are having difficulties in your placement, contact the faculty supervisor.