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The following is a list of on-campus resources pertaining to the prevention and awareness of sexual assault.

The Violence Intervention Services is a resource for healthy relationship maintenance and sexual assault services

The UNI Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct Policy defines unacceptable sexual conduct and directs victims where to seek assistance. This link includes a definition of consent, especially when alcohol is involved.

The UNI Anti Discrimination & Harassment Policy provides guidelines regarding discrimination and harassment applicable to the entire university.

UNI Public Safety provides law enforcement on campus as well as providing support for preventing violence against women.

Important Phone Numbers

      Violence Intervention Services, 273-2137 
      University Police, 273-2712 
      UNI Health Clinic, 273-2009 
      UNI Counseling Center, 273-2676 
      Crisis Services Hotline, 233-8484