Department of Communication Studies

Rebecca Buel

Rebecca Buel

UNI is one of the Midwest’s “best kept secrets,” says Rebecca Buel, a UNI alum and Term Instructor. Not that it should be.

Rebecca came to the Communication Studies’ Graduate Program shortly after receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of California Los Angeles. “I got my degree and I still was thinking, ‘What am I doing?”

After moving to the Midwest from California, Rebecca found the program to help her grow as a scholar and to find herself.

In particular, Rebecca was impressed with the graduate faculty. “I think the graduate faculty here are so invested. You choose one advisor your first semester, but you really have about ten. I think all of the graduate faculty are so willing to help you out, listen to you cry, or laugh in their offices throughout your two years. They’re really good at mentoring here and I don’t think all programs do that.”

After completing her coursework and thesis at UNI, Rebecca was hired on as an Term Instructor as well the Director of Individual Events for University’s forensics team. “My favorite part of my job is working with students, whether it’s the speech students I coach, or my students in the classroom.”

She credits her Graduate Teaching Assistantship for preparing her for her current position in the Communication Studies Department. As a student, Rebecca worked with the forensics team and taught Oral Communication. “I don’t know that many other people actually get to stand alone and teach a class in their graduate program. I received such great teacher training.”

“More people should explore the Communication Studies Graduate Program at UNI as an option,” she adds. “It’s more about the community, so I like that!”