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In 1968, 20 years after its own establishment, the Public Relations Society of America founded the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). The declared purpose of PRSSA is to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professional public relations practitioners.

Today, the Public Relations Student Society of America has more than 11,000 members in more than 300 chapters on college campuses in the U.S., Columbia, and Argentina.

The UNI chapter of PRSSA was chartered on January 18, 1981. The UNI chapter has received numerous national awards, including Outstanding Chapter, Outstanding Chapter Firm, Outstanding Newsletter, and Outstanding Web site.

The UNI chapter publishes a newsletter and runs its own public relations firm.

Legacy PR, the student-run public relations firm, offers members the opportunity to work with real clients on various public relations activities. Projects include survey research and focus groups, the creation of publicity materials, radio and television advertising, collateral pieces, special events planning and implementation, fundraising activities, campaign development and execution.

The PRogressor, the UNI PRSSA newsletter, is published each semester by Legacy PR. The PRogressor offers PRSSA members a great opportunity to get their works published, as well as invaluable hands-on experience running a publication.

For information on PRSSA, PR Legacy, or The PRogressor, please contact:

Mallory Feeney, PRSSA president 2015-16

Dalaney Langel, PRSSA vice president 2015-16

Amy Jo Hasselquits, PRSSA vice president, programming 2015-16

Alyssa Jones, Legacy PR president 2015-16

Sigrid Brus, Legacy PR vice president 2015-16

Trey Roosa, Legacy PR secretary 2015-16

Wendy Grimm, PRSSA vice president, communication 2015-16

Christen Brodbeck, PRSSA vice president, fundraising 2015-16

Brooke Banowetz, PRSSA vice president, recruitment 2015-16

Katie Kuch, PRSSA secretary 2015-16

Trevor Rayhons, PRSSA treasurer 2015-16

Dr. Jeff Brand, Advisor